Game Idea or Life Idea???

What if a game that you played was not only a game but mirrored real life as well? What
would happen if that game could not only change the way you look at the world around
you but help your friends, family and community right where you live!

I am looking for some fellow programmers who not only can kick out some code but,
more importantly, are Awakened. I need programmers who can clearly see the code in
nature and who understand the basic principles of the soul and correct operations of the
world in which we live. This is very open concept and can be achieved in many
different ways; however, when one moves from the center, or natural balance, it is
noticed and we can always recalibrate once we know how to check for center again.
This game would have a character that one could test situations with and gauge a
basic understanding before attempting to apply in real world situations. This game also
would have a network of people who could vend products for the character and for the
real people playing the game.

Imagine Alchemy meets Pokemon/Ingress (but with more real world applications). If
you are seriously interested please contact me (find me, it’s not hard — first test).

I will, of course, have to gauge your understanding of the basics of nature. Having a programming background, while preferable, is not completely necessary. Programming skills are relatively easy to learn, if you are interested. The most vital part is the understanding of the system you live in and how you naturally program your reality now.